A warm and generous welcome


“I am calling upon parishes all across our diocese, not only to pray for these victims of persecution, but to step up and be prepared to do whatever is within their power to provide a warm and generous welcome, coupled with practical assistance, to ensure that those who come to find safety in Australia are afforded the best possible chance to make a new start and benefit as fully as possible from the peace, freedom and opportunity that Australia offers.

— The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies

1parish 1refugee family is about parishes preparing to provide a warm and generous welcome to Syrian refugees who may be placed in Sydney.

We don't yet know what the needs of these refugees will be, but we can start to prepare to welcome them and to coordinate our practical assistance.


What can you do?


Pray for the victims of this persecution.


There are many ways in which you and your church could be involved.

It may not be that short-term accommodation will be needed. But a warm and generous welcome always will be.



Give to the Archbishop's Appeal for Syrian Refugees.

If the need arises for clothing, household goods and items for welcome packs, we will update this to provide a list of required items and details on how you can give them.

Latest news

Archbishop Glenn Davies, 'What does love look like?' 2CH Sunday Night interview with Dominic Steele, 16 September, 2015

'Open the door widely to Syrian refugees,' Glenn Davies, The Sydney Morning Herald,  9 September 2015

This a joint initiative of Anglican organisations in the Sydney Diocese, with Anglicare the lead agency.